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Gandharvák in English

The Gandharvák Orchestra

Uplifting Classical, the latest style in world music has been created and represented by the Gandharvák. Composed for a symphonic orchestra but with modern rhythm base, this diverse musical style unites gracefulness and power – it is truly joyful music performed with impressive virtuosity.

Instead of taking a pop band and backing it up with a symphonic orchestra as it is the usual practice nowadays, the composers had first created the music for classical instruments and added the modern sounds and rhythm to it afterwards.
Although generally associated with rather different musical styles, the various instruments the 19 musicians play are united in special harmony.
Besides some tracks that are purely of its own composition, much of the orchestra’s repertoire has been inspired by folk music of various kinds such as Hungarian, Irish or South Slavic, but contains baroque and renaissance motives as well as tunes from the Far East.

Not only is the classical sound complemented with keyboards and a bass guitar, but the drums get also spiced up with hand drums and a traditional African clay drum called the udu, thus creating this very special sound.

The orchestra was founded in 2011 by chamber drum artist and music teacher Róbert Takáts and conductor, music teacher and linguist Anikó Novák as its composers. Most of the orchestra members are both artists and teachers of their instruments.

The name is taken from Hindu mythology and refers to the celestial musicians (gandharvas) who, at great festivities, would descend to entertain the people with their delightful music. Just as the Gandharvák intend to do; to bring the joy of music into our lives.

Uplifting Classical

The word ’uplifting’ reflects the joyful, elated spirit of the genre, while ’classical’ refers to the fact that all pieces are composed for symphonic instruments first, with the modern chord and rhythm accompaniment added to it later.

Uplifting Classical Characteristics

The simple, beautiful, upward striving melodies and the accompaniment consisting of base harmonies make it appealing for anyone. Important are the regularly alternating periods and the striving for music-aesthetic beauty. The classical musical forms are recognisable (like the rondo or the variation forms), but it reflects to modern musical styles. The fast and strict drum-rhythms and the calm beauty of the melodies complete each other and give hereby the unmistakable character of the style.

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